Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in supporting Fort Tryon Park. Volunteers serve a vital role in park planning, promotion, and operation--helping to design community park programs, directly participating in the park’s beautification, helping to plan for the park’s future and working with city agencies and the community to maintain a vital and safe public park.

Please check your areas of interest below, and we will contact you to discuss available opportunities.

* Indicates a Required Field

    • Planting
    • Painting
    • Weeding
    • Cleanup
    • Answer questions about the park & the Fort Tryon Park Trust
    • Collect contact information for mailings & listserve about Northern Manhattan Parks events, program, & activities
    • Forward community concerns & issues about the park to the Parks Dept.
    • Trust will provide you with an email address expressly for this activity
    • Submit email every two weeks (immediately in an emergency
    • Help select narrators from the neighborhood
    • Help translate gardeners’ information
    • Help write the script
    • Writing (approximately 3 hours an issue)
    • Proofing (1 hour an issue)
    • Disseminating (as much time as you can spare)
    • Photograph park events (when you can spare the time)
    • Put up flyers about Fort Tryon Park events on park and community bulletin boards (1 hour a month)
    • Help plan and/or work on events (approximately 2 hours every quarter)
  • Contact Information: